Hi, I’m Courtney.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a firm believer that earrings make even a lazy person like me feel pretty and put together. Like my earrings, I don’t adhere to just one style; I fly by the seat of my pants and my earrings reflect my eclectic nature. Hank + Spear was born from my admiration of some truly talented artists that unfortunately I just couldn’t afford (or justify being able to splurge on). Keeping my price point as accessible as possible, I hope to continue to create and learn, and share my creations with you!

Oh yea, and if you noticed, there are lots of animal photos hidden amongst the beaded things. This is because each design is named after my friends’ fur babies! Doing this serves two needs: (1) I don’t need to come up with my own name for 30+ designs, and (2) you get to meet my adorable fur friends while perusing the goods.

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for taking a look around!

<3 h+s